1. Lighten Up

From the recording Neon Cross


There are words (there are words)
that are written (that are written)
In the pages
God left blank
( past the index)

In the Bible
I purchased at the book store (by the Starbucks)
If you go there ask for Hank
(or Irene)
(Long Pause)

No Skinny Jeans (echo)
Or a man bun (echo)
Facial hair that’s past your tie
( you need a tie)
Tennis shoes
On the platform (except the black ones)
In the church ( in the church)
Or you shall die
( or you shall die)

If he’d known
(If he’d known)
That These existed
(These existed)
He’d have writ
(I think it’s wrote)
them down himself
But One night I had a vision (after Chipotle)
And i wrote then down myself (Lord help us all)

No food or drink
Past the foyer
No animals of any kind (unless they’re cute)
Don’t drop glitter in the carpet
Please be kind and rewind (it’s 1990)

Don’t forget to flush the toilet (jiggle the hand)
Wash your hands and wipe your face (you nasty heathen)
These extra rules
Are all made up
Lighten up for heavens sake