1. Hope For You

From the recording Neon Cross


I have heard all the stories about Jesus
How he make the lame to walk again
I have heard about the woman at the well
And how he wiped away all of her sin
But you don’t understand the things I’ve gone through
All the times I shook my fist up at the sky
‘cause my life is one continuous disaster
If there was one thing I could ask the Lord right now…

There’s still hope for me
After all I’ve said and done
Even though I went out of my way to hurt you
Even though you know I would try and fun
How can you ever forgive me
When I cannot forgive myself
For all the pain I’ve cause to everyone around me
Lord please help me
Is there still hope for me?

Jesus says to come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

‘cause there’s still hope for you
After all that you have said and done
‘cause I’ve watch you try to live your life without me
And that’s the thing that hurts me most of all
Cause every sin you have committed I have died for
Every pain you have felt, I have felt it too
And I will never leave you or forsake you
Child I promise you, there’s still hope for you
Yes, there is still hope for you