From the recording Early Years

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i can’t blame my spouse of the kids in my house for the big ‘ol holes in my wall
my toilets won’t flush ‘cause their so full of rust that the water can’t get through at all
my carpets all brown where the water came down when a tree limb came through my roof
i should be sad, but i’m a little bit glad. ‘cause brother i tell you the truth…

that i’ve got friends at the hardware places
where there’s lots of tools and friendly faces throughout the store…who could ask for more?
the home depot is my oasis. and if i’m not there, check at lowe’s or aces
‘cause i’ve got friends at the hardware places

my wife is still mad from a fight that we had when i purchased a new ratchet set
i said she’d understand if she could think like a man ‘cause there’s some things that women don’t get
it’s been a week since i heard her speak, i guess saying that wasn’t real smart
i’d be in a bind, i’d be losing my mind if it weren’t for my lowe’s credit card