1. Last One Out

From the recording Early Years

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it was 10 o’clock on a thursday night at the oak grove baptist church
where an old revival meeting was going on
they were shouting hallelujah and raising up their hands
when the pastor came and took me by the arm
he said, “i’ve been up since 4 a.m. with folks from this here church
with surgeries and crisis of the soul
i’d love to hang around my friend, but i can’t stay awake
and i’ve got a few instructions before i go”

would the last one out close the windows
would the last one out sweep the floors
pick up all those hymnals…turn off all those lights
would the last one out lock the doors

well, he came back that next morning
and much to his surprise, that revival was still going on real strong
they were singing even louder than they were the night before
then i went and took that pastor by the arm
i said, “sir, you won’t believe the things that went on here last night
but, can’t stay awake one minute more
i’ve got to go to work tonight, so i’ve got to get some sleep
but, i’ve got a few instructions before i go”