From the recording Early Years

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back in ’71 i was 9 years in a red frame house off an old dirt road
running and playing all day till the sun went down
one day i jumped of the roof with just a piece of plywood
man, i thought i could fly, i was doing good
it was real fun till my big head hit the ground
my momma’d patch up and say to me
“baby, don’t you dare”
but, i was too young to know and too cool to care

the year was 1979 my hair was too long my pants were too tight
and ‘the eagles’ were the only thing on my stereo
i was staying out late. i was getting real loud.
i was getting in tight with the wrong kind of crowd.
trying my best to be a “red-neck romeo”
my momma stayed up late herself
but she was on her knees in prayer
but, i was too young to know, and too cool to care

well the years go by like they always do
you pray on the way that you get a clue
and before you know you got two kids and a wife
you pray while they crawl till their teenage years
try to work through all their adolescent fears
you hope and pray they’re nothing like you
with your tight pants and long hair
when you were too young to know and too cool to care
too cool to care
too cool to care……..