1. Heroes

From the recording That's What I Do


No Moment In The Spotlight…No Ticker-Tape Parade
No “Thank You Son For What You’ve Done…
For The Sacrifice You’ve Made”
Nobody Really Understands…What Goes On Over There

We Stand Up And Applaud When Someone Makes A Double Play
Or When Somebody Sings A Song Like God Bless The U.S.A.
But, When Johnny Comes A Marching Home
No One Seems To Care
All Of Them Are Heroes
From Those Who Hold The Line
To The Ones They’ve Left Behind To Carry On
Let’s Stand Up For These Heroes
And Say A Prayer For Everyone That’s Over There
Until They Come Back Home

We Talk About Our Freedom And We Talk About The Price
But, most of us can’t Understand That Kind Of Sacrifice
For Someone To Lay Down Their Own Lives Down
For Someone They Don’t Know

Some Of Them Are Broken While Others Lost Their Lives
And Some Of Them Have Lots Of Scars
You Can’t See With Your Eyes
And There’s No Way To Measure
How Deep Those Wounds May Go