From the recording That's What I Do

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A homeless man wandering down music row.
His face told a story of miles of bad road.
Was he somebody that I oughta know? Well I wonder.

Did I see him with hank on some old magazine?
Or was he with Elvis up on the big screen.
Why was he living out here on the street?
Well I wondered.

So I bought him some coffee and then we sat down.
He said things have sure changed in this sleepy old town.
Its fine till the time they don't want you around.
But I wonder.
Then he talked of a time back in spring '69. When he was a big star it seemed overnight. Offers were flooding his telephone line.
But he wondered.
If he could hold out for a few dollars more
And a big star to put on his dressing room door. But then his eyes got all misty and then he was gone. The phantom of Nashville walked on.

Well success is a drink that gets sweeter with time.
But regret is a cancer that eats you alive.
It it Worse to live life as a question mark sign. Well I wonder.

Many a good man have traveled this road. Some you remember some you'll never know.
But if you happen to see him just walk by real slow. And let the phantom of Nashville walk on.