From the recording Little Towns Like Mine

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All I Have To Say

He was sitting at a table in a run down hotel room
With a bottle and a Bible in his hands
Cussin’ at the devil for taking him this far
And crying out to God to reel him in
I guess the good Lord must have heard this old boy’s cries
‘Cause he saw the light through his old bloodshot eyes
And he swore he heard the angels sing and about a million churchbells ring
And he heard ’Amazing Grace’ begin to play
He sat that bottle on the floor said he didn’t want it anymore
‘Cause he didn’t need Jim Beam to kill his pain
He was a brand-new man that day and that’s all he had to say
I was sitting on the front row with my my Bible in my hand
As I listened to this old man testify for years i’d been pretending
To be something that i’m not when I felt the tears start filling up my eyes
And I said,”Lord, if you’re still lisitening and if you could spare the time”
“And if this life is still worth fixing, could you change this heart of mine”
But, I never heard the angels sing or a single church bell start to ring
But, when I heard ‘Just as I Am’ begin to play
I took that preacher by the hand and he showed me to the promised land
And when we said “Amen” and walked away... I was a brand-new man that day
And that’s all I had to say...Yes, I’m a brand new man today and that’s all i have to say