1. Satisfied

From the recording Back to Basics

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No one was lonelier than I was
And I was till the day that I met her
And I can't put a label on what she does
But, what she does
Is like no one else on earth
My buddies laughed at me cuz they don't
Understand how I
Couldn't wait to put a gold ring on her hand
Now I ..
Go to work and I come back home and I go to bed but I do not go alone
And when I wake up, she's right there by my side
There's just one way to describe....
I'm satisfied
We have a house a yard and two dogs
But two dogs do not make a house a home
Then she should me a white stick with a plus sign and now I'm calling grandma on the phone
They say it's the little things that make this world go 'round and this little one is turning out world upside down
I fell in love with her the day she came along and I've fallen deeper since the first line of this song....