1. Didn't He

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Didn't He

And the hammer fell on the wooden nail
Through his flesh into the tree
As they laughed at him As he cried for them
And there he hung This faultless one

Now didn't he live, oh didn't he
And didn't he give, oh didn't he
But didn't he die for you and me

Spilled his precious blood Sacrifice of love
We didn't take his life from him
He gave it willingly Fulfill the prophecy
What's black is white And this wrong is right

Bugler, blow your horn Now the curtain's torn
And the battle's done I know
I know the victory's won
Drummer you drum your drum
He broke death's chains
The Lamb is slain

(Final Chorus)
Now doesn't he live, my brother, doesn't he
Now doesn't he give, sweet sister, doesn't he
But didn't he die for you and me
But didn't he die for you and for me